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Economics of Accounting


  • Zielgruppe: Masterstudierende im 3. Semester
  • Umfang: 2-stündig
  • Credits: 3 ECTS


This course considers the use of accounting information in markets and hierarchies. In particular, the focus is on the use of accounting information for performance evaluation and as a signal in the managerial labor market. We will consider the historical origins, key seminal papers, and current state of the art publications, with a particular emphasis on career concerns.

In the lecture, we first consider basic concepts of managerial and financial accounting on the basis of Christensen/Feltham „Economics of Accounting,” Volumes I and II. Thereafter, seminal papers and current working papers around the theme career concerns are analyzed and discussed. The main goal of the course is a well-grounded and profound examination of current research questions and relevant methods. In this context, the participants will present and debate published studies or recent working papers.

Please find the course outline here (pdf/108 kb).

Please find the assignment of papers to participants here (pdf/229 kb).

The presentation on January 14th will take place in room 025, Ludwigstr. 28, RG, and the presentation on January 28th will be held in room K 427, Schellingstr. 12 (K).

Lecture Slides

1: Intro Accounting Download / pdf 87 kb
2: Chapter 2 Decisions-under-Uncertainty Download / pdf 152 kb
3: Chapter 3 Decision-facilitating Information Download / pdf 331 kb
4: Chapter 4 Risk-sharing in Partnerships Download / pdf 254 kb
5: Chapter 17 Optimal Contracts Download / pdf 344 kb
6: Chapter 18 Ex Post Performance Measures Download / pdf 375 kb
7: Chapter 19 Linear Contracts Download / pdf 224 kb
8: Chapter 22 Post-contract pre-decision information Download / pdf 242 kb
9: Chapter 23 Pre-Contract Information Download / pdf 242 kb