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Economics of Accounting

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This course considers the use of accounting information in markets and hierarchies.

In the lecture, we first consider basic concepts of managerial and financial accounting on the basis of Christensen/Feltham "Economics of Accounting", Volumes I and II. Thereafter, seminal papers and current working papers on a current research topic are analyzed and discussed. The main goal of the course is a well-grounded and profound examination of current research questions and relevant methods. In this context, the participants will present and debate published studies or recent working papers.

Course type: Lecture and seminar

After successful participation in the course, 6 ECTS credit points are obtained.

Module Affiliation in the LSF System

Remark: Please note that you can either visit the course "Economics of Accounting" or "Management Control Systems". However, it is not possible to participate in both courses.


Time slot: Tuesdays, 16:00 – 18:00 c.t.

Room: Ludwigstr. 28, RG / room 503

Please find the course outline here.

Application Period

12.12.16 - 11.01.17


The evaluation of the course consists of

  • Presentation, oral discussions / discussion leadership in at least one lecture and
  • writing of a review report.