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Anticipating critique and occasional reason

Modes of reasoning in the face of a radically open future

Autoren/Herausgeber: Seidl, D.
van Aaken, Dominik
Erschienen: 2009
Publikationsart: Further Publications
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1845429638
erschienen in: Costanzo, L./MacKay, B. (eds. 2009): The Handbook of Research on Strategy and Foresight
Weitere Quellenangabe: Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 48-65.


In this paper we have argued for a new conceptualisation of strategic foresight. The existing approaches are largely based on too simple a concept of future. It is usually assumed that one is able to conceptualise already in the present all possible future developments. We contrast this with the concept of a 'radically open' future, which might develop in ways which go beyond of what our cognitive categories allow us to conceptualise. Drawing on linguistic philosophy it is shown how our thinking and communicating is limited by our linguistic categories. Strategic foresight from this perspective is largely concerned with the adjustment of the linguistic system to novel developments of the world. This requires and openness towards new linguistic categories. Drawing on the philosophical concepts of 'anticipating critique' by Paul Feyerabend and 'occassional reason' by Helmut Spinner we try to show how much such an openness can be accomplished.